Jock Physicals

We got more jock physicals exams for you guys and as you can see these guys do a lot more than the normal during their examinations. Our jock of the day got to suck off this guy’s dick just to pass his check up. He was upfront with him and told him that if he wants to pass his examination he had to show him just how much he really wants it. The jock didn’t have a choice so he undressed and got to his knees and started sucking off his dick in the examination room.

But that blowjob only assured him that he was going to pass it if he wanted a recommendation he had to do a lot more than that. The jock knew what he had to do so after he finished cleaning up his dick he bends over the table and got his ass fucked too. This isn’t the examination that he had in mind when he got there this morning, but at least the guy is happy and he is going to pass his examination check. See them in action in the scene below!


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