Spencer Fox Fucks Dylan Roberts

Hey guys and welcome. We have a new jock physical update for you to take your time to enjoy and there’s no way you should skip over this if you want to see some truly juicy and hot scenes go down. Spencer and Dylan are the stars of this one right here and you can bet that they know how to put on a great show for everyone to see, to say the least. And you’ve gotten to see both of these hot studs in their separate respective jockphysical scenes in the past as well. Well we wanted to pair them up and see what they will end up doing and well, we bet you won’t be disappointed one bit when you get to watch them party hard and fuck just as hard as well!


The two guys, as you can see at the start of the scene, are in the locker room and they plan to use their time there to get to have some nasty fun with one another too. Once the show starts they get to make quick work of their outfits and present those muscled bodies to you all and the cameras as well. Anyway, Spencer gets to have the other guy’s ass all to himself today and after you get to see the guy rimming his fuck buddy for the better part of this scene, you can check him out taking his ass for a good and thorough dicking as well once he’s all done. So enjoy the naughty action that goes down in this one and we’ll return soon with new content for you!

Check out this hot jock getting his fine ass nailed!