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Jock Physical – Kelvin Cage

Another fresh week and time for another superb and hot jock physical update this week. This time we have the hot and sexy stud Kelvin Cage in this scene. You got to see another black stud in action a few weeks ago named Cory, and you can rest assured that mister Kelvin here is quite up the the job as well. Just like that stud, this new guy gets a physical exam too, but it quite a bit different in a few aspects today. And of course you get to see which ones. Rest assured that this scene is sizzling hot, so make sure that you don’t miss a single one of this superb stud’s nice and hot pictures today!

Like all guys that were here before him, he gets to undress and lay on his back on the chair and wait for the examination to complete. The doc does his thing and has his fun checking out that body. Well the doc got a bit too into it shall we say, as he got to make the guy’s cock stand at attention. By that of course we mean that the sexy black stud was rock hard and the doctor started to finger fuck his ass too. Sit back and see this hunk as he jerks off while his doctor fingers his ass today and enjoy seeing the stud shoot a nice and big load all over himself at the end of the jockphysical scene too. If you wanna see other hot gay guys getting their asses fingered, check out the next door buddies site!


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Jock Physical Romano The New Patient

Hey there guys and gals, this week we have some more jock physical awesomeness to show off and rest assured that it’s just amazing as usual. In this one you get to see the superb stud named Romano in action and of course, he brought his amazing body along with him. As all the studs here do. Today you get to enjoy seeing him as he gets to play some naughty games with the dock, but of course only after his proper examination is finalized. Anyway, let’s get to seeing the action.


This hot jock knows what this examination entails and he’s always ready for it when it comes down to it. You get to see, like we said, the doctor making sure that everything is in order with the rest of his body. See him getting his reflexes tested and more too. Of course the nice part comes when the dock gets to his cock. Anyway, you get to see him getting hard as well, and with that you get to enjoy his hard cock in full view as well today. We hope you had fun with the jockphysical scene everyone for today! Also you can visit the site and watch some cute straight guys getting fucked!

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New Patient – Spike

Well hello there. It’s time to lay eyes on another superb and sexy jock physical update and today you will be in for a treat. In this scene you get to enjoy the company of Spike and his examination session as well. As you know, the doctors always want to make sure that each and every part of these guys functions properly even if it means getting down and dirty to do it. Well that’s kind of what happened, ad of course you can see it all only here for today everyone. Let’s see the guy in action.

The doctor has the nude stud lay on his back on the table, and then begins the procedure. takes height and weight measurements, and then it’s time to get to the private parts. Watch the doctor examine this guy’s cock really carefully today as he wants to make sure that there’s no problems with it. Of course that means to stroke it nice and hard too and examine closely. Well after the proper hand job revealed nothing he was clear to go. And he was smiling too. Have fun with his jockphysical scene! If you liked it and you wanna see other gay guys getting their cocks examined, check out the site! Have fun!


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Jock Physical – Kent Larson

For this new and hot jock physical update we have for you the superb and sexy stud named Kent Larson today. He is a Latino stud with a dreamy body and of course, like always, you get to see it too in his simply amazing and superb scene today. take your time to enjoy this exotic guy along with his nice and sexy nude body and his uncut cock today. We know that you will just love him and rest assured that it’s an amazing scene with him as well. Let’s get this show on the road without delay.


By now you know the regular routine, so there’s no point in explaining that anymore. But this guy expected just a routine check that turned into something more for him. By that of course, we mean that the doc here decided to have some fun with his patient and his nude body. Of course that Kent wasn’t really expecting it, but he didn’t mind it either. Take your time to see this guy in his scene today and see his nude body getting examined carefully by the doctor today everyone. If you liked this scene and you’re looking for similar content, check out the site and watch some kinky gay daddies fucking some hot studs! By the way, you might visit the site and see a handsome gay star in hardcore sex scenes!

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Chris Tyler Stress Testing

Well here we are again everyone. This time we have the sexy and horny stud Chris Tyler for the scene and we bet that you will enjoy his company. This hot stud is a white guy with a kink for showing off, so you can bet that he had no trouble fitting in here at all. Let’s take the time to sit back and enjoy this fresh jock physical scene as he also gets to have some fun with the doctor for the afternoon today. And you know what kind of fun the doc brings every time. So let’s see the jockphysical action without delay.

For his exam he would get some stress testing sort of speak. The doc wants to see his capacity to hold back from blowing his jizz as he continues to arouse him all afternoon long and you get to see it all. Of course he starts naked on the table and you see the doctor tease him all throughout the scene. Enjoy seeing his nice and big cock stroked too and watch him valiantly try to not cum. Of course he ends up doing just that, but the results were impressive. Enjoy it and see you next week! Until then, check out the site and watch some older gay men wanking off and fucking! Also you can visit the college boy physicals site and see some sexy college guys getting their big cocks examined!


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Donny Wright Probed

Another fresh week and time for another superb and sexy jock physical update. For this one we have the superb black stud Donny Wright as he also gets to have the same treatment as the rest of the guys here and rest assured that he enjoyed it quite a lot. It’s not his first time here and he knows just what’s about to go down. He was actually looking forward to this for quite some time too, so let’s just take a seat back and watch this stud enjoy himself with his doc’s perfect treatment of his cock today.


Like we said, this jock was quite chill about the whole thing and eagerly took of his clothes and took his spot. The doc takes the measurements fast as he knows that the guy is eager to have his cock taken care of. Sit back and see how the doc uses his masterful hands to start stroking his nice and big meat shaft today. He enjoys this masturbation session quite a lot as he always does. And of course, by the end of it, you get to see the sexy stud Donny shoot a nice and big jizz load all over himself too. For similar jock physical scenes, check out the website and have fun!

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Dylan Roberts – Civilian Physical Exam

It’s time to see another superb and hot fresh new jock physical update this time and you will just love this new guy. His name is Dylan Roberts and he had to drop by for his body exam today. Lucky for him he gets a female doc and he just can’t help but let her have some fun with his dick. Let’s take the time to see him in action for today, and let’s enjoy the superb view that he gives of his privates being stroked nice and hard for today’s scene shall we? It’s quite the sight to see.

Like all the guys here, first he has to get naked for this, and then when he’s ready gets to take his spot on the chair. Once there he relaxingly lays on his back and lets the doc do her work. First off she needs to take measurements of the length and it proves to be quite impressive for her. Well as you can guess, pretty soon the lady ends up stroking his cock while he moans in pleasure. We hope that you will find it to your pleasure too and rest assured that you will be able to enjoy more jock physical stuff like this next week as well everyone. Also you can enter the site and watch some hot twinks getting their big cocks stroked!


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Jock Physical – Micah Brandt

This nice and fresh week we have some more Jock Physical scenes to show off. In this one you get to see the amazing and sexy Micah Brandt today. This black stud also got to have a physical exam and of course you get to see his body in all it’s grandeur today. This sexy hunk of a man actually wanted to show off as well so you can rest assured that you get some nice views of all his body as well. Let’s take the time to see him in action without delay shall we everyone?


He takes off his clothes quite fast and then takes his spot on the exam chair too. Sit back and enjoy him displaying that mighty fine and big cock of his as he lays on his back. You will get to see that his cock is rock hard as he’s sitting there and he states that whenever he gets naked he also gets horny too. Either way you get to see that fine black meat pole in all it’s glory today. So have fun watching him as he gets to expose the rest of his body too and enjoy this new scene today. See you guys next week! Until then, you can enter the titanmen site and watch some muscled jocks fucking each others!

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Tanner Wayne Massage

Hey there once more everyone. This fine day we have another superb and sexy jock physical scene for you guys to enjoy. In this one you get to see Tanner Wayne as he also gets his exam and something more for the afternoon. He was due for some nice massaging too, so let’s just get to watch him as he gets his special treatment as well. You can bet that he sure enjoyed his little cock treatment for the afternoon and so let’s get to see it too as it was quite amazing to see as well. We know that you will adore it so let’s just get started.

Of course, the first thing that the guy does is that he needs to get naked. He keeps his underwear on but the doc notifies him that those need to come off too. Of course he helps him take them off first, and then you get to watch as the doc begins to massage that nice and big cock of his. Have fun seeing him moan as the masterful hands work the said big cock nicely today and have fun. We will be bringing you more fresh jockphysical next week as well so stay tuned everyone. Until then, you can click here and watch some horny gay guys fucking, or visit the site and see some muscled guys fucking each other!


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Jock Physical – Jimmy Fanz

Hey there guys, we are back with another superb and hot jock physical today for you. This time we have the sexy and hot stud named Jimmy Fanz here getting his nude examination and just like mr Dante last week that got to entertain you with his body, this sexy stud by the name of Jimmy gets to do just that as well. Let’s watch his superb scene too and see if he lives up to the same expectations as Dante shall we? Either way you will be in for one nice and hot scene with him as well as he also gets to undress for your viewing pleasure today too. Let’s not delay and just get his amazing show on the road too, shall we?


His scene starts the same as well. You can see him undressing and revealing his body for the cameras first and then he goes into the room and takes his spot on the exam chair. Take your time to see that curvy body of his in close up and enjoy it today. The doctor seems to be really impressed with the size of his nice and big cock, and it seems that Jimmy here doesn’t mind the special treatment either. Sit back and watch this superb and sexy scene with him today and enjoy his special cock exam for the afternoon. We will have more for you to see next week so be sure to stay tuned for it everyone. Okay? See you guys then! Until then, you can enter the site and enjoy watching other hot studs getting examined!

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